The first thing to keep in mind when looking for the proper Levitra dosage is how much to take. In most cases you will want to take one pill. With one pill you will have enough of the drug to help improve erections and have sexual intercourse with little difficulty. By taking one pill you will have not only a sufficient amount of the medication to help you achieve an erection but also a dosage that is safe and that won’t cause any health complications. When looking to take Levitra in the proper dosage you will need to consult with a physician.

A doctor will go over your situation and therefore tell you how much you will need to take in order to get an erection without any problems. Their expertise and guidance will help you not only treat your condition but also tell you how much you need to take in order to maximize the effectiveness.

While one pill may be enough, sometimes you may need to take two pills at a time in order to reach maximum effectiveness. However a physician is someone you will need to consult with about this and you should not take more than one pill of this drug without a physicians consent. As well as knowing how much to take you will also need to know when to take this medication. It is well known that men looking to take this medication is one hour before sexual intercourse. This way the effects of the drug will therefore set in and help men achieve an erection easily.

Taking this medication one hour prior to sex will allow them to have plenty of time to get ready for sex and have the best chance at satisfaction as well. By taking the proper dosage of Levitra many men will be sure to improve their sexual functioning. With improved sexual functioning they will have an easier way of improving their sexual health as well as experience sexual satisfaction more easily. The proper dosage of Levitra will ensure that they get the most out of treatment of this medical condition.