Viagra is the first drug to be on the market, Cialis and Levitra, both looked and then. Unlike the utter failure of Viagra and Cialis incapable to treat people who have ED and with chronic diseases Levitra generic drug works well almost for everyone. Let’s look at some other benefits Levitra has over other ED drugs:

Food intake is not related to the use of Levitra generic drug

Viagra and Cialis drugs with conditions relating to the time before or after meal on an empty stomach, there is. There is ventilation Levitra. Thus, food and alcohol, and does not lend itself to be taken at any time. Do not respond to drugs or alcohol.

If you have diabetes you can still take Levitra generic drug

Studies of ED drugs, such as diabetes or cancer patients can find people with chronic diseases. Levitra, on the other hand, works very well with diabetes. People react to the pill Levitra and become sexually alive.

Better effectiveness

Other ED drugs start to work only after 1 or 2 hours after intake, Levitra generic drug needs 20 minutes, starting immediately. Once the drug, and then the human body begins to feel the changes will take effect from the date. However, the efficiency will remain for 36 hours of Cialis.

Few side effects of Levitra generic drug

Minimal side effects side effects of Levitra, like those that caused people to see other ED drugs, in spite of the distorted or blurred vision when it comes to this, there is a big difference. ED, is said to be caused by drugs blur the view of others, though small, a man of vision loss Levitra (albeit temporary) calls.

Levitra is stronger and lasts longer. This is because small changes in the chemical of Viagra. However, sometimes a headache, runny nose and excessive doses can cause facial flushing. Levitra headaches are very common among men but still this drug is far more effective than any other ED preparation.